Honest, ethical, reliable…

I trust Strong’s to maintain and repair my older SUV. It probably will need a lot of service to keep it going, and fortunately Strong’s prices are very reasonable, so I can afford it.

Being a woman, it’s not easy to find a mechanic who I can trust to not take advantage of my lack of knowledge about cars. I totally trust Strong’s as they’re honest, ethical, reliable, always available, and do great work that’s guaranteed.

In fact, I trust Strong’s so much that last Friday, when they delivered my car to my home, as a huge favor for me, I didn’t know what the total invoice was, so I gave them a blank check to take back to Strong’s to fill in the $.

When I used to take my car to the dealer for service, I felt like a lamb going to the slaughter (financially) but at Strong’s I feel like I’m going to trusted friends who are there to help me with my car.

I appreciate the many times I’ve called Strong’s for an “emergency” and they always tell me to come right in. They usually spend 10-20 minutes fixing the issue or reassuring me that it’s not dangerous, and we can repair it later. And then, unbelievably, they won’t let me pay for it, no matter how much I insist.

I enjoy seeing Strong’s cheerful employees who seem to like their jobs, as well as happy, chatty customers in the waiting room who have been Strong’s customers forever!